Alan ReNaé Neal

Artist Bio July 2020

My work explores the relationship between gender politics and skateboard ethics, the relationship between the tyranny of aging and life as performance. I attempt to make my viewers on a journey. One that can be made at the viewer's pace. Impressed by artists as diverse as Wittgenstein and Frida Kahlo, unique synergies are distilled possibilities from both simple and complex discourse, if the discourse is at all even necessary. My goal is for you to suspend disbelief.

Ever since I was a pre-adolescent schoolboy, I have been fascinated by the endless oscillations of life, those rhythms of the universe; Life. Death. Young and Old. In a word: nature. The ephemeral concept of the human condition is what compels us all in story, song, myth, dance, art, and rapture. Even though what starts out as hope can soon become corrupted into a carnival of lust, leaving only a sense of unfulfilled desire, and unrealistic dreams, we humans always find a way to overcome desperate feelings. Start over. Do things differently. Be Creative. We only need to tap into these solutions. We only need to wear a smile. And thanks to politics, a face mask.

Influences as diverse as Munch, John Cage (both visual and musically,) I try to craft from both traditional and modern dialogues. As shimmering replicas become distorted through emergent and personal practices, the artist may leave you with a testament to the limits of our world. Insanity can be so simply delicious! Come, revel in craziness with my celebration of life, both alive and my concept of not so alive.

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