asreen z

Asreen Zangana is a freelance graphic designer based in Brooklyn, with an emphasis around Marxist-Leninist theory. As a nonbinary trans Kurd from a small town, their childhood experiences have shaped the way they see the world, and their involvement in abolitionist work reflects that. They like focusing on community-oriented digital work, along with design work for cookbooks that are accessible and affordable. They founded their community based food collective last year with a group of fellow anti-capitalists. The focus of their collective is to view food as a revolutionary praxis, and the issues that marginalized folks have surrounding food insecurity. To also explore the process of food apartheid and combating that in their own community. Their work involves different mediums to help communicate with people in a multitude of ways. Working with different forms of design, they are able to provide interdisciplinary insights into their work, and to challenge conventional practices.

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