Make Do and Mend

Generations of grandmothers mended during the Great Depression and WW II. Nothing went to waste, and old clothes were made new again.

Let's regain that resourcefulness, power, and thriftiness using a combo of old and new techniques.

And let's have fun doing it!

Class held via Zoom, Skype, and/or Facebook messenger video. Message directly if you have questions about your project!

A. Laura Brody has 30 years experience as a costume crafts person, designer, and maker. She's made costumes for LMFAO, the Black Eyed Peas, and Rhianna, among others. She has worked for Netflix, Disney Imagineering, the LA Opera, Netflix, Disney and Nickelodeon TV, Diavolo Dance Theatre, and many specialty costume houses. Her relaxed, encouraging, and adventurous approach to teaching makes pattern making, draping, crafts, and sewing accessible and fun.

If you can dream it up, she can make it- and show you how to make it too.


Sample video classes


Everyday Skills:

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