Art History and Post Modern Art Appreciation

Learn art history from the beginning of time, or concentrate on appreciating Contemporary and Post Modern art. If you can't understand why art is slicing a horse into 50 slices, and preserving them in formaldehyde, that sells for $300 million dollars, then I can help with that. I have over 30 class hours in art history, and lots more than that in creating, transporting, installing, and coming up with the ideas of fine art for 50 years.

Teaching / Instructional:
SAT / Test Prep
Visual Art:
Artist Bio: Award winning Artist, Alan ReNaé Neal, holds a BFA in Fine Art from the best art school in the world, Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. To add to that, He also has hundreds of hours of class time spent in learning real world stuff, such as zoology, geology, psychology, world history, Egyptian history, and many other subjects. I have experience teaching students how to create their own infrastructures for sculpting, building canvas support structures, and how to install and maintain gallery installations. I also taught a blind girl how to use power tools.

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