Become a Voiceover Artist

Learn the art of Voiceover from a working professional with expertise in Commercial, Narrative, Educational, and Character work!

These remote lessons focus on finding your Ideal Sound, learning Vocal Manipulation, Character Creation, Script Breakdown, Audition Technique, and Recording tips and tricks!

Lessons are personalized to your goals! And Lina Rose Studios offers an option to add-on a professionally mixed and mastered VO Reel when you feel ready to record!

Teaching / Instructional:
SAT / Test Prep
Artist Bio: Michelle Siracusa is the owner of Lina Rose Studios. With over 25 years of training in vocal pedagogy, over 15 years working the field, and more than a decade of teaching, she will help you expand your range and repertoire, learn proper technique and placement, and help you improve your tone and vocal control.

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