Poetry for Sensitive Souls

Hi there! My name is Bobby, I'm a queer Arab American artist and writer and Harvard graduate. I'm working as a screenwriter and poet, and hoping to pursue an MFA in dramatic writing next fall.

I'm an avid writer of poetry: I love to play around with words, images and photography to create powerful stories and atmosphere. I would be happy to write a short poem (see examples below) about you, a loved one, a particular emotion or experience, a place or a time-- just give me a few details and I'll do my best to make magic! It doesn't take me long to get back to you, and I'll also photograph the poem with my camera to create more visual dimensionality for your experience.

For examples of my work, see:

www.instagram.com/bobbytheartiste/ OR

Artist Bio: Bobby Malley is a queer, Arab American screenwriter and poet.

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