little acrylic painting on canvas

My personal representation of femininity that lets itself be looked at, impalpable, like a vision that emerges from the darkness of a room and warms us with its colors. I want to express a solar and regenerating sensuality, with a mixture of irony and vanity. -including certificate of authenticity with artist signature
I was born in Florence in 1975. I have been interested in the visual arts from early age. Since my art school I had been working for small commissions (copyright copies, advertising posters for small local businesses).From 1998 about I started as graphic designer for stained glass windows for cult environments and as wall decorator for homes and exteriors of private residences in Italy and abroad.Since 2009 I rediscover my ancient love for illustration and I have various commissions on this field.Since 2019 I have organized creative workshops for Ecorinascimento association. Currently I started collaborating with Eredità Art Studio (Florence,on facebook ) an exhibition of my works on canvas is also in the planning stage. My instagram account is @studioart_roby and the facebook page Exhibitions / competitions (2010) Immaginare il tempo, fifth place in the illustration competition from the municipality of Trivignano Udinese. (2015) Selected for the contest Immagini nella mente, promoted by Unicoop and municipality of Lastra a Signa. (2017) Rotarart, collective exhibition by the Donatello Group, organized by the Rotary club Firenze sud. (2019) Selected for Festival Copulamundi ,collective exhibition inside the the fair pavillion on Parco delle Cascine in Florence

Visual Art:

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