Piano and Music Lessons


It is my pleasure to teach private lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Each student comes with their own strengths and it is my mission to guide them towards achieving whatever their musical goals may be. Lessons will be held over Facetime or Zoom until further notice, unless otherwise arranged.

The study of music is not simply about being able to read notes or produce a beautiful sound on an instrument. As my mentors have taught me, studying music is a way to engage with the natural world and humanity. Playing our instruments lets us communicate in a universal language and allows us a range of expression that is unmatched by another art form. Learning music is a life-long process, and the ability to share music is something to cherish.

Being a student of music today requires not only exceptional musical and technical proficiency, but also a deep understanding of its history and an openness to new ideas. Musical trends and styles are evolving more quickly than ever as technology allows us to constantly create something new.



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