Playwright, journalist, art crItic.

My name is Artur Sumarokov
I am Ukrainian playwright, journalist and critic.
However, I can write on many topics and for different purposes.
If you need an article about contemporary art or the history of cinema - I can write.
If you need an article about urban studies or even a script - I can write.
My job is to write text. And edit all types of texts too.
The guarantee on my part is always interesting and of high quality.

Artist Bio: Plays (for my authorship): "Threesome", a scenic reading at the Planetarіum of Kherson, 2017 year dir. Natal Block “Spas Salon”, text-participant in the competition of the drama theater “Eurasia 2018” “O: VOID”, short list 9 Newsletter . Stage reading director (headliner) - Andriy May. “O: VOID”, the text is a participant in the competition of popular dramaturgy “Eurasia 2019” "SJW", shortlist of 10 Actual Playsweek 2019 rock. Stage reading director - Alex Basovska. Best materials: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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