Film Production or Theory Classes

Film Producer/ Line Producer offering lessons for both practical Film Production and Film Theory.

I hold an MFA from Columbia and a BA from the University of London. My work as a Producer, and Line Producer has gone to festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, Tribeca, Berlin, and many more.

I'm happy to tailor classes to what you would like to learn.

Practical topics including but not limited to:
-Film scheduling and budgeting
-Script writing and structure fundamentals
-Directing fundamentals
-Producing fundamentals
-Taking a film from script to screen

Theory topics including but not limited to:
-Film history basics
-Genre studies (Horror, Sci Fi etc)
-The French New Wave
-German Expressionism
-Post Modernism
-Auteur theory
-World Cinema (British, Polish, Japanese etc)

Video editing
Artist Bio: Producer/ Line Producer based in Brooklyn.
Audio, Video, IT, Design:
Video Editing
Sound Editing
IT Help

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