Stage Manager for Your Brain

Does your brain need it's own stage manager to stay on track during the COVID-19 pandemic? Of course it does, everyone needs a stage manager. My specialty is the impossible: pitch me your most far-fetched, under-funded, time-crunch idea and let's make it happen. Small tasks can be set on an hourly basis, or we can discuss your larger flat-fee projects.

  • Scheduling
    You have a staff of 50 that need to be on 3 simultaneous Zoom calls every day next week? I'll create a clear, easy to read calendar that ensures no one is double booked and everyone gets a civilized coffee break. It will even be color coded.

  • Email
    Writing for email is truly a specific dialect - whether you intend it or not, the way you phrase a thought via email conveys a tone that might have been different in person. As someone who sends hundreds of emails every week I have my most important messages proof-read by an outside eye for grammar and tone to make sure they land exactly as intended.

  • Hiring
    There's a gut instinct that goes into hiring new members for your team, regardless of industry. Let someone else sift through the raw stack of applications, handing over the best and brightest candidates so you're only interviewing serious contenders.

  • Information
    The state of the company Dropbox makes you want to pull your hair out, important documents are saved across multiple platforms, or you've finally convinced the team to transition from email to Slack. Updating this type of company archive and information sharing system takes time and patience; let me tackle it while your staff focus on their own projects.

  • Surveys
    Creating a survey is a delicate business: you're looking for specific information in each response, but phrase the question incorrectly and the feedback you get is useless. I will wordsmith and hone down your survey to a minimal amount of questions that use pointed language to provide you with the answers you need.

  • Postponement
    Life as we know it has been indefinitely postponed. Trips, events, conferences, fundraisers, parties all need to be pushed to the future, and with the date change come a million other adjustments. Can the florist still commit to those centerpieces? Will Delta still honor the original price of the flight? Has the venue closed its doors permanently during the crisis? You've already planned this event once, let me handle the rescheduling.

Office and Admin:
Web Design
Graphic Design
Artist Bio: Katherine 'Kate' Shelton is a NYC based stage manager; recent work includes The Under Presents (Piehole/Tender Claws), L.A. Dance Project (B. Millepied), Disclaimer (Piehole), BALLS (One Year Lease, Stages Repertory), Minor Character (New Saloon), Steve Paxton: Selected Works, Joëlle Tuerlinckx: That’s It! (Dia:Beacon), Guys & Dolls (Argyle Theatre), Clybourne Park (AADA), texts&beheadings/ElizabethR. (Compagnia de Colombari), Doomocracy (Creative Time). Katherine is the Company Manager for One Year Lease’s Apprenticeship Program in Papingo, Greece, has B.A. in Drama from Vassar College, and enjoys stage managing quintessential NYC events such as the Times Square New Years Eve Ball Drop and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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