Making Art to Feel Better, for ages 8-12

Kids between the ages of 8 and 12 will learn a variety of art processes to express, support and understand their feelings. Kids will work with me one-on-one, with family members or in small groups. They will make art such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, animation, collages; each project is designed individually for each child. There will an emphasis on art projects addressing the development of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) skills such as problem-solving, communication and understanding, as well as teaching kids to embrace diversity. Focus is on process, not product.

During the video chat session, I will present the materials and ideas for each project, and then kids will start working on their own. During art making, there will be conversation towards supporting their process, as well as responding to questions, ideas, thoughts that come up during art making. Some students may want to work alone and come back to class with a finished work which I will discuss with them. I will be encouraging students to make art connected to their surroundings, outside in nature, as well as interacting with their family in their art making. Projects may include getting inspiration from visiting farms and museums and other cultural media, online.

A list of art materials will be available to parents, with a focus on minimal expenditure and using found objects from home. Parents will also be able to purchase art kits from me which will include all the materials needed.

Visual Art:

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