Animation Classes for Ages 6 to 106!

  1. Attend your 30-minute live video-conferenced “How To” learning session.
    • Your workshop is a private session for your household; no others will be conferenced in.
    • You will need at least two total people for your movie: One to be in it, and one to operate the camera.
    • If you are doing this project with kids, you must have at least one adult or a mature “older” kid (13+) to help out during the workshop and filming. The workshop is entertainment and education, but not childcare.

  2. After your workshop, you will shoot your animation on your own.
    • Depending on your patience and commitment, this could be as little as 20 minutes of shooting, or as long as several hours. (Recommended shooting time: One hour.)

  3. When your shoot is finished, have your footage professionally edited with titles, sound effects, and music.
    • This will make it more polished than the raw silent footage from the app.
    • Within 2-3 business days, you will receive it back to keep and share.

How Long Will My Movie Be?

Depending on how much shooting you do, your final movie will most likely be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. One hour of focused shooting that yields 200 frames will give you a movie that is about 30-seconds long.
*Note: Editing service covers movies up to 2 minutes long. Longer projects can be negotiated separately.

What Will I Need?
Before your workshop, please do the following:

  1. Download one of these FREE apps to your phone or tablet. I like OSnap but both are good!

OSnap – Apple
Stop Motion Studio – Apple
Stop Motion Studio – Android
2. Make a stand to hold the camera device.

Needs to be in LANDSCAPE position
Device should be upright so you can use the camera
Suggestion: Two binder clips and a business card — works great
3. You will need a second device for talking on the Zoom.

EXAMPLE: Use a laptop for the Zoom and a phone as your shooting device.

Sample video and more FAQ:

Artist Bio: I have been a freelance teaching artist for over a decade, working in schools in NYC and NJ, including every borough except Staten Island. I have taught kids ages 5-18 in public, private, and charter schools. My subject areas have included everything from filmmaking and animation, to playwriting and theatre, all the way to culinary arts. In filmmaking alone, I have made (literally!) hundreds of movies with young people. I like working with grown-ups, too.
Teaching / Instructional:
SAT / Test Prep

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