Painting on Photograph

In the old days, the masters of photography used to use photo-specific watercolors to add color to blank and white photos turning them into color photos. These special watercolors were condensed onto paper and sold as color books which have been discontinued for decades since color photo printing became popular. It is a crossover between painting and photography. It is a form of manual Photoshop. It is the precious collective memories of the older generations. It is old meets new: traditional techniques with a modern painting style. We can express our creativity freely instead of just imitating reality. Using dry watercolors/photo color requires different techniques from any other coloring methods because the colors aren't always the same as what you would expect and as the surface of the photos is slippery, it doesn't absorb the color.So How to paint on it? Come to join my workshop to experience the old days in new way or commission me to paint your photos.

Visual Art:

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