Upcycle kaleidoscope

Vcyclescope “V”eron's up “cycle” kaleido“scope” (“Vcycle” pronounces similar to “recycle” ) Vcyclescope is an upcycle photographic gadget handmade with daily life waste: paper core of toilet roll core, water pipe, glass bottle, Pringles crisps tube, ping pong ball tube … It reduces waste from its source. Each kaleidoscope is unique with decoration by recycle materials (old magazine, catalogue, broken glass bottle pieces round by the wave found on the beach, plastic bag, packaging ribbon…). Both its’ function and aesthetic quality are upgraded from its’ original value. The world seen through it is very different. Which became beautiful, surreal and amazing. Whatever you capture through it can become artistic pattern. Even though the dullest thing in your daily life can be turned into inspiring images. Life will never be boring with it! Vcyclescope allows viewer to look into the world in different angles to form unlimited visual variations instead of looking at those very limited pieces in conventional kaleidoscope. Less is more! By changing our angle, things in our daily life can be totally different. Our daily life waste can became magical kaleidoscope - a collective memory of all ages. Vcyclescope is also a tool for interacting with the outside world. Unlike traditional closed ended kaleidoscope which people only can only enjoy the view alone. It is open-ended, viewer can communicate with people and the world outside. (received EcoStar Award & Art Development Award)

Visual Art:

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