Foraging for Edible & Medicinal Plants

So, it turns out we never left the Garden of Eden - we're still standing in it! We have only lost the knowledge that shows us the bounty of edible and medicinal plants growing all around us. It doesn't matter if you live on the side of a mountain or in the middle of a city - we are all walking on our food and medicine. It is growing up through the cracks in the sidewalks and on the edges of the parking lots.

If you have thought about taking steps to reclaim the lost wisdom of plants that is your birthright as an inhabitant of our very special planet, I would be honored and delighted to begin guiding you on your journey. I'm no expert but am definitely an enthusiast. I find ways of folding what I learn into my own work as a playwright and performance maker, and this will be a meaningful opportunity to pass what I have learned directly onto others. I trained in the basics both at the Tracker School run by Tom Brown Jr., with Karen Sherman, the ethno-botanist of Earthwalk Northwest, and with Dan de Lion (really that's his name!) of Return to Nature.

I also have an excellent library of reference books and other resources I can recommend to folks for deeper dives.

This is the best time to begin - so many plants are sending their tender shoots up through the soil, strengthening and toughening to our mandibles as Summer approaches, and roots contain the most nutritional value now as they will until the Fall. And the time for harvest is between the Full and New Moons - so let's get out there and get foraging! I'm in upstate NY and can meet with you over Skype or Facetime and we can get lots done.

Everyday Skills:

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