Portfolio reviewer/ curator (media-art, photo-, videoart)

Apart from being an artist, for a long time, I work as a curator in the field of contemporary art and a founder/ organizer of cultural events. I mainly specialize in media-art, photography, video, installation art, performance art. For the last three years, run a contemporary art festival Suoja/Shelter in Helsinki (Finland). For two years I had been a director of exhibition space in St. Petersburg (Russia). At the moment, I am creating an art-residency in Hollabrunn (Austria).
I can assist in your art projects in different ways: to compose an artistic portfolio; to conceptualize a project or to crystallize a vision of your artistic practice/ research; to design grant applications, motivation letters, study applications; to assist in visual decisions/ architecture of your installations, layouts of books/ portfolios/ websites/ etc. We can compose an individual program according to your needs. It can be single consultations or step-by-step structured scheduled meetings.

Visual Art:

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