Character Design, Concept Art and Illustration for your project!

I can create character design, concept art and illustration for your film, animation, game and illustrated book or mag.

I'll give you a personal quote depending on how complex is the project, the level of final rendering needed and how much of the design is already defined.

If you prefer I can also teach you the principles of digital painting on Photoshop and the theory needed to approach a design task via skype.

Please contact me on or visit and

ConceptSara - Sara Concept Art

Artist Bio: I’ve been an MA Designer and Illustrator for over 10 years (Studied at UdK Berlin, CSM London and SVA New York). After my work experience at the interdisciplinary New York Design Studio Karim Rashid, I started developing as a stronger creative on a wider spectrum. After moving to London in 2011, I became the Lead Designer of JFDP Labs (associated with Madrugaworks) where I redesigned their mobile apps, video games and VR applications, spanning from Concept Art and Concept Design to Graphic Design and Pitch Presentations. Meanwhile, I had also been selected as an artist for the Illustration and Visual Storytelling Summer Residency at the School of Visual Art in New York and had grown further in Visual Development and Character Design. Thereafter, I have been learning about Concept Design, Concept Art, Character Design, Storyboarding and Pitch Treatments by top industry professionals at Framestore (Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros. etc) and Industrial Light & Magic (Star Wars IPs), plus Concept Artists like Karla Ortiz (Marvel, ILM, Magic, Ubisoft and more). I now freelance in Character Design/Concept Art and do also Storyboarding and Fashion Illustration. I work with people like Kevin Hudson, independent Film Director and Walt Disney Artist, and Valeria Cantelli, costume maker for the Royal Opera House, English National Opera and the Disney live-action films. I like to support independent creators with bespoke convenient deals as I can share the passion that moves them. Feel free to contact me on:
Graphic Design
Visual Art:

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