Theatre Making for You by You.

A workshop based on story telling and theatre making for YOU by YOU. With a background in autobiographical story telling and devising new works my workshop will help you tell that story idea you thought of once or the idea of that story that keeps you up at night.

I will give you the basics of solo story telling and how I make work. The exercises I will teach you I use in my personal practice and are designed about getting your body up and involved in the practice.

There can be as much or as little movement as you and your body need. The endorphins released when we move is all in aide of story telling--not about actual rhythm or being "good."

If you've had an idea you've sat on for a while or you came across this site and just thought of something I am here to help. We can all get our stories out--especially in these times you never know ho you may inspire!

Dance and movement
Alt performance

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