Flirty Text Writing

Ready to make your quarantine crush crazy for you?

If you've ever felt like you don't know what to say to keep things interesting or are constantly putting your foot in your mouth, I'm here to help!

After hundreds of first dates, many failed relationships and a background in comedy writing, I can confidently tell you that I will write the perfect text to have your crush cave in to your (mine, ours!) charm.

All I need is a little context, the text you want to respond to or, if you are initiating the text convo, your desired outcome and I will craft the flirty text to end all flirty texts.

Artist Bio: Millie Torchetti is a writer-performer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a self proclaimed half-Argentinian, half-American, an idiosyncrasy that can be enjoyed in her work. She is a proud dog momma, fearless meditator and Dulce de Leche devotee. She is best known for creating the web series “Single Rules”, which was received with awards for “Best Urban Narrative” and screened in over a dozen film festivals including HBO’s NY Latino Film Festival. Her training includes TV Writing at Gotham Writers and Sketch Writing and Improv at UCB and The Pit. Millie possesses what has been described as a “cute and acute view of the world” for her strong understanding of the human condition which she portrays through a whimsical and optimistic lens. Her characters tend to break societal norms and lead with their heart as seen in “Single Rules”.

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