Van Gogh Find Yourself #VGFY

Van Gogh Find Yourself
Van Gogh Find Yourself is an intimate immersive experience. Over 70 people have rated this experience 5 stars @ The Met, MoMa and around the world: Edinburgh, Arles France, Mons Belgium, Amsterdaam, NYC, London, S.F., Connecticut, Texas, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Orlando.

Van Gogh Find Yourself #VGFY
Van Gogh Find Yourself #vgfy is an immersive, interactive performance that blends storytelling and live drawing where the audience creates alongside the master, Vincent Van Gogh.

The #vgfy experience touches on the following themes:
The power of kindness
Trusting your instincts
Painting without judgement
The negative effects of bullying
Making positive choices out of negative situations.

EDINBURGH 2019 Audience Reviews
Anna Johnson
What a wonderful experience!

I went to see Vincent Van Gogh on Saturday 23rd August with my Mum.

We both came away feeling incredibly moved and inspired. Evident how much research went into the making of this show. And how much love. Easily one our favourite experiences of the Fringe.

If ever you find yourself looking for a truly immersive performance, we couldn't recommend this one more.

Keep doing what you're doing Walter, it's wonderful!!!

Taylor Funnell
I have been talking to Walter for about 3 months now he is a wonderful human and his show is the best van Gogh show out there. I have been to the show 4 times this year and I just think its wonderful I like how you can make art while learning about Vincent's life I definitely Recommend this show to everybody.

Chris Wilkins
Moving, sweet and memorable - the sort of left field experience that perhaps is only possible in Edinburgh. I’d highly recommend a visit to this uniquely intimate event. Thank you, Walter, for sharing your passion and insights into an artist we all think we know - but was actually much more complex than the familiar caricature.

Dana Serfaty
Watched #vgfy on my last day in Edinburgh and loved it so much, wished I could watch it again.
Special and unique piece, sensitive and beautiful performance ♡

A really enjoyable, arty and informative hour spent in wonderful company. Vincent (or Walter) is very entertaining and his show is a hidden gem. Can't recommend it highly enough. Go for the art and stay for the entertainment!

Aunt Ellie
Vincent was alive in Walter. The artist that inspires us all so much met his match in the equally inspirational artist, Walter Deforest. Incredibly moving and informative, and great fun too, unleashing you’re inner artist. If you see any free show at the Fringe PLEASE make it this one, it’s what Vincent would have wanted.

Daniel Perez
☆☆☆☆ A Hidden Gem
What a delightful surprise this show was. Intimate both in its staging and delivery, the audience sit at a small painting workshop along with Vincent (Walter DeForest), as he beautifully narrates his life story. DeForest brings a casual passion to the character, always real but never overwhelmingly so, a perfect balance to sway his (sadly sparse) audience and take them for a ride down memory lane. In a quieter venue and with a more welcoming stage, this show would be an absolute hit. Totally recommended!

Chris Davis
You will be so happy you came upon this show! The performer really embodies the spirit of Van Gogh, you learn a lot about his life, AND you even may pick up some artistic ability too. The performer Walter really throws himself into the role and disappears, at times I felt like I really was listening to Van Gogh. He makes many salient points about how we treat artists today, and how we treat art in general. A beautiful show, highly recommend it, for ALL ages.

A brilliant show on the 4th. An excellent & natural performance. Combining a little art therapy with an entertaining delivery, I recommend this show unreservedly.

Review Edinburgh August 2019:

No Proscenium April 2019::

Artist Bio: NYC Based International Award Winning Artist and World Record Holder.
Dance and movement
Alt performance

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