Social Practice for the Multidisciplinary Artist

Mirroring contemporary MFA programs, x offers an individualized course in social practice -combining critical theory and social justice into one’s artistic practice. As artistic director of {amdpc} and recent DDA Social Justice Fellow (Dance/NYC), x offers a course that meets you where you’re at, providing popular education in contemporary critical race theory, gender theory, and performance studies. This VIRTUAL offering involved multidisciplinary research, investigation, exploration, and activation commonly used in {amdpc} rehearsals and x’s class Multilaterals: Dance Composition for the Radicalized Bean with the freeskewl. Learn more about x’s independent art making and curating here: []. Learn more about x’s company, {amdpc}, here: [].

Graphic Design
Visual Art:
Artist Bio: x (pronouns: they/themme/etc.) is a Taíno, Afro + Chinese-Jamaican, first generation USian; x’s name is lowercase for personal, gendered, emotional, historical, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and artistic reasons. As a transplant from Miami, FL, they have reconciled their training in dance, theatre, and art history education to apply critical theory to their life and artistic practice. x makes all kinds of things and does all the things; enjoys questionings and musings and the performative nature of living as a human: playing games and fulfilling roles and disappointing others. They extrapolate the double consciousness of post modernism and being multiply marginalized by creating multimedia installation and movement based conceptual art about the bõhdë. x is the founder, artistic director, and choreographer of {a multi-dimensional performance company}, a grassroots community organization disguised as a postmodern dance company. {ampdc} AKA a performance company, operates under an athleticism of emotion and physical being. The mission of {a multi-dimensional performance company} is to uncover, unravel, and restore that in which was lost from the white-cis-hetero-patriarchy and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) through a process of holistic wellness and multidisciplinary research. We recognize the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, and how there are systemic barriers that prevent historically marginalized communities from accessing and fulfilling each dimension. However, it is vital that vulnerable populations have ease of access to all seven dimensions: physical wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness, and occupational wellness. Personal Website: [] Company website: []

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