Custom graphic art

I want to create an Incredible custom digital art for you. Either for your room wall, your content, your music cover art, for your office or whatever it is. Hit me up, let's make your next timeless piece, and you'll be left wanting more.

Artist Bio: Tobi Ibiwoye is a Nigerian artist who loves to try new things out, Tobi started his professional art journey as a Photo realism artist in 2015, whose preferred media were pencils and ink, but developed new techniques such as Miniature art and scribbles; all in monochrome. Also picked up the use of table salt in creating art, and eventually the use of colors for his scribble art; and digital medium in 2018. And he keeps adding to his arsenal of techniques, making him quite versatile. Tobi’s works are geared towards inspiring and encouraging people to be more open minded to life and it’s elements; see beyond what their physical eyes are designed to percieve in their immediate environment; to see beyond their problems and challenges into the bigger picture, think much less/little of the negatives, and focus more on the positives. As a believer that true happiness is not far away, long as we can get a proper spectacle to view from. This spectacle is what Tobi’s art offers. He also uses his art to get his audience familiar with things that would normally create fear in them as humans, because he believes that humans would sometimes fear something because they know not enough about it, and this fear makes them avoid the attempts to find out or get familiar with this thing. He draws his inspiration from anything his mind can concieve, to the works of other artists like Mateo Pizarro's miniatures, to mother nature's floral gifts to mankind.
Graphic Design
Visual Art:

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